September 25, 2018

‘The Art of constant movement, layers and textures of Chongqing in the heart of the financial Centre’

Inspired by nature, its forms and layers, influencing architectural lines and furniture design.

Layering of the nature elements bring forth a unique definition of luxury...

May 1, 2018

A genuine welcome and individualised service achieved in the comforts and generosity of the guestroom. The interior design provides a luxurious experience, with a clear focus on high-qualtiy details and functionality, as well as surprising and sophisticated design elem...

November 7, 2017

Guest room design has always been at the crux of all that we do as a hospitality designer. 

In this context we make reference to a local Chongqing vernacular ‘the Staircase Street’ (吊脚楼) inspired the construction details and using local architectural finishes.

the l...

January 10, 2017

This exhibition celebrates women as the new creative force behind a form of design that is less high-handed, less authoritarian, more spontaneous and more dynamic - a new affirmation of women to be one of the top aspects of “design after design.” 

The modernity of the t...

December 8, 2016

If one were to single out an aspect of Scarpa's architecture that more than any other reveals the defining trait, it would have to be the edge, the border, the outermost limit. Be it merely the edge of a slab, the dividing lines among floor boards, the corner of a room...

November 15, 2016

the school as a social space...i[s] an intricate space of obligations, duties, entitlements, prohibitions, debts, affections, insults, allies, contracts, enemies, infatuations, compromises, mutual love, legitimate expectations,

and collective ideals'.

October 26, 2016

Today we answered and embarked on yet another call to diversity.. it has always been our wish as educators to not just facilitate a course of study but to shape future school designs and to empower every student to be a lifelong learner.. This will be a joyride!!

October 14, 2016

Gorgeous interior schemes by a gorgeous team.. Contemporary material knowledge adds to the design process.. 

#youneedaverysmallspace #designpartnership  #beautifuldesigns #materialexpressions  #designspecifications  #contemporarydesign

October 12, 2016

Getting down to the fundamentals of furniture design..

an assembly of details that resonate throughout the collection and project..

Like a symphony with that balance between notes..

October 11, 2016

Great designs are about scale and proportion and that incessant search for the right materiality to express the perfect storyline.. 

These works from NAFA students (fine art) provided a fresh take at some non-Euclidean production of textures that is both original and i...

September 30, 2016

Residential Interiors - Villa Nine

Nestled in the heart of Xian, this ultra luxurious villa overlooks the scenic Qujiang lake and in proximity to the historic city wall which bears much local culture and charm. 

The interior area of the villa is 6000 square meters built...

September 9, 2016

Situated within the green sanctuary of the East Coast area, this soho unit is home to our humble studio. 

#ensemblestudio #cosystudio  #homedesign 

#sohodesign #workandplay #lindseyadelman

July 4, 2016

 Presenting ...

June 21, 2016

Here at the south gate named "永宁", is the most beautifully decorated.. very near to the Bell Tower, center of Xian city. It is said that numerous wars were fought here - a bloody history belies the present tranquil..

May 20, 2016

To truly embrace workplace transformation, it takes a new way of thinking. It requires moving away from traditional beliefs about work being a place, and instead embracing work as a concept, as a thing we do from anywhere. To be successful in this transformation, organ...

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