Swimming Pool/ Sunken Pool Bar

Chaung Tha Andaman Resort

Situated amidst the hilly terrain along the Andaman coastline in Eastern Myanmar, the Chuang Tha Resort development will be the holiday destination for the modern adventure seeker and traveller. In response to the natural orientation of the site towards the sea, the spiral formation of the nautilus structure inspired the master planning of the resort.


" The nautilus shell is often shown as an illustration of the golden ratio in nature. Studies on plan and architecture are made both to the physical shell and the ratios derived from site. "


 Resort Masterplan/ Layout

The communal facilities of the reception lobby, restaurant and swimming pool are situated on the higher ground off the main road access. The villas and spa components are positioned in a radial pattern oriented towards the sea and the surrounding terrain to maximize views and function. 

The innovative concrete shell structure of the main lobby offers a seamless composition with the surrounding landscapes - whilst the waffle ceiling created on the interior casted an intricate pattern and maximizes natural light through random skylight openings.

Level 1 Layout Plan


Tiered landforms to traditional Burmese Pagoda Structures

Porte Corchere and Main Resort Entrance

Main Resort Check in and Reception

Open Concept Restaurant and Lounge

From the very start of the project, sustainability was a guiding concern. For it to be highly sustainable, we introduced photovoltaic panels, green roofs, and a rainwater collection system. Retractable glass walls diminish the boundary between inside and out, and facilitate natural ventilation.


The solar array, which is tied into the electric grid, can generate more power than the resort would consume. We have also tried to aim for more than 100% green replacement. The property as being one with nature - comes with colonizing plant scape and water features throughout to reduce tropical heat.


Thoroughly contemporary in its design language, elements of the vernacular such as natural grass thatched roofing and bamboo rafters; which are highly sustainable materials - are incorporated in novel and refreshing ways.

Terraced Sea Facing Villas

Villa Interiors with deck towards the Andaman Sea

Terraced Villa Section

Alluding to another island retreat, the experience of entering the Spa with its ethnic and cultural atmosphere is the most important part of the resort. A comprehensive spa approach is ideal for a truly restorative environment and is reflected in specific treatments such as Ayurvedic and Oriental massage treatments. 


A variety of treatment rooms, massage rooms, saunas and steam baths, dip pools and the all-exclusive VIP areas allow guests to enjoy the ultimate in Spa relaxation. The tranquility of the surroundings is the key to creating the best spa environment - rejuvenating the body and bringing spiritual renewal.

Masterplan of the Resort Spa

Resort Spa Reception

Resort Spa VIP Treatment Room

Beach Bar and Restaurant

On the other end of the resort, at the bottom of the sloping hillside, guests will be able to experience the destination restaurants, the beach pool and bars, providing guests with access to the spectacular beachside view.


This resort will truly become an amazing holiday destination for the well travelled, families and children alike.

Architecture, Construction & Design Awards 2018
First Award | Category: Hospitality (Concept)


Architect/ Interior Design: ensemble studio pte ltd
Team Members: Jack Liew, Lei Aye Liew, Nicholas Poon, Kunaluck Puntusan, 

Nita Wee
Country: Singapore 





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