Main Villa Entrance 

Villa Nine

The Flower of Chang'an  ::  Nestled in the heart of Xian, this ultra luxurious villa overlooks the scenic Qujiang lake and in proximity to the historic city wall which bears much local culture and charm.

The interior area of the villa is 6000 square meters built on 4 above ground and 2 basement levels. The initial design brief and intent was to take advantage of the architecture; to design this contemporary villa with subtle local influences and to foster a connection with nature. An internal courtyard thus created in the center of the villa transformed the otherwise stifled interiors and dark basement into an air well and landscaped pond area that guests and family members around the entertainment areas could access into. The Chang’an Flower is an inspiration and symbol of one’s harmony with nature – alluding to how we tread lightly in our environment and to possess inner peace. This villa will be the tranquil home to the client and his family of nine.

Level 1 Layout Plan

" The Chang’an Flower is an inspiration and symbol of one’s harmony with nature – alluding to how we tread lightly in our environment and to possess inner peace. 


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Villa Porte Corchere

Main Living Room

Grand Dining Area

Swimming Pool and Jacuzzi Area

The pursuit of “contemporary orientalism” as reflected in such details as simple frames, subtle curves, and vertical heights. A monochromatic architectural palette is used with a stronger contrast scheme for the furnishings, wall and floor textures. Symmetry and balance play a big part in the layouts and spatial composition. All rooms come with their individual retail like wardrobe spaces, shoe, and bag display system. A full gym and sunken basketball court with an open view to the outdoor koi pond and family deck.

Master Bedroom Suite

Master Bedroom Walk in Wardrobe

Master Bathroom

Junior Master Bathroom

Junior Master Bathroom

"Peace as the absence of things, and the desire for less."

Taking cue from the bold strokes of Chinese calligraphy - the spatial aesthetics bear elements of meditative elegance, tranquil energy and natural light. The tea ceremony room serves as a focal point to the living areas for tea appreciation and to foster recollection and inner peace.


The interiors, in essence, are to be a striking simple contrast to objects of art and sculptures. After all the unassuming defines luxury design as more time, comfort and space.

Material use include the generous use of Calacatta Valiga White Marble, Grigio Geogina Marble, White Ash Timber, Bead Blasted Gunmetal, Zimmer + Rohde Treasure Wallpaper, Armani Casa Furnishings, Gessi Sanitary fittings. Special mention to the Innovative glass sculptures at the entrance foyer and various installations in the courtyards, and outdoor gardens and pools – making the house a subtle moving gallery of art.

Material Palette 

Furnishings Board

Gymnasium and Indoor Court

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Tea Counter & Living Room

Gramercy Park

The design of this luxury apartment was conceived as a gallery like entertainment space for friends and relatives of the owners. The spatial transformation can be simply stunning and sophisticated by focusing on 3 key elements and by framing the spaces. From the lift lobby into the entrance foyer, the tea area into the living/ dining areas and the private sanctuary of the master bedroom. Every area has its unique character with design denominators that function as a whole.

A sense of balance is to be achieved with a visually symmetric approach throughout the apartment, enhanced by the appropriate use of wall sculptures. The repetition of shapes and colors within creates rhythm, which is soothing to the eyes. The use of contrast to create emphasis, focal points at the foyer and within the apartment that draw people's attention. Incorporating all the design principles results in unity, a sense of visual and spatial harmony throughout the spaces.

Sculpture to add a sense of poetry

Symmetry to create a focal point 

Apartment Layout Plan

Master Bedroom Suite 

Master Bathroom 

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