Workplace Transformation

To truly embrace workplace transformation, it takes a new way of thinking. It requires moving away from traditional beliefs about work being a place, and instead embracing work as a concept, as a thing we do from anywhere. To be successful in this transformation, organizations must:

Focus on “objectives”, not “supervision” – Company’s leadership should focus on employee objectives to determine success. Traditional supervision of employees through visible “line of sight” to everyone is an outdated model. Instead, managers will trust his workers to get their job done from anywhere.

Think “dynamic”, not “anchored” – The office should leverage human potential and preferences as different types of spaces are needed to take confidential calls, collaborate with colleagues, and meet with customers and partners. In addition to coworkers in proximity, organizations need to create offices that account for private phone call requirements, the need to collaborate and host clients and vendors.

Enable “variety”, not “uniformity”- People are unique. So are their work styles. Some employees require silence to complete a task, others are engaged by loud music; some employees thrive in an open stand up desk environment, but others need a traditional seated desk to be productive. This means creating collaboration rooms, privacy rooms, team rooms and allowing people to work at home or in coffee shops to ensure people can take advantage of the space they work best.

Embrace “distributed”, not “centralized”- Managers and organizations should embrace a “work from anywhere” environment – not hiring from a centralized single location but allowing employees to work from the locations that enable them to get the most work done.

Support “collaboration”, not “hierarchy” - Office spaces should be designed to treat employees of similar position equally. Space should be transformed to accommodate the work that supports business outcomes. This means that offices should be redesigned to support collaboration, team meetings and more formal customer gatherings as required.

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