The Silk "Rogue"

Conventional references to the "Silk Road" induce allusions of ancient trading routes and merchants running from China to the West - on camel backs with their cargos of silk, wool, carpets, gunpowder, porcelain and paper. For this narrative though, we extracted only the essence - the confluence of identities; of East and West, a conceptual "rogue" to the traditional overused imageries.

Branding of Hotel - A quality factor in hospitality, the design fuses contemporary design with selected, authentic, Xian cultural elements and individual local references. Distinctive brand cultivated through its own style and character. Respecting local traditions and creating coherent and comfortable interiors for the well-being of the guests.

A genuine and warm welcome from the lobby through the sensorial interplay of natural light, water sounds and raw honed materials. A subtle use of Oriental design philosophy adapting to the flexible, fast paced and modern lifestyle of today - where design meets art, fashion, communication, architecture and innovation. Fresh and cutting edge art installations which offer surprising, memorable moments.

Confluence of Cultures – Old and New. The premise of good design starts with a clarity of thought and the simplicity of lines.. The interiors of the hotel attest to a rich past; paying homage yet being strikingly clean lined and modern in its design

Hotel Lobby

Hotel Entrance Lobby

Executive Check-in/ Lounge

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