W Xian, Tales from the Neon Dynasty

Xian was once known as Chang'an 长安, which means "Perpetual Peace" in Classical Chinese since it was a capital that was repeatedly used by new Chinese rulers. It was the ancient capital of China for more than ten dynasties in Chinese history.

Here in Xian, the Golden Age and rich traditions during the Tang Dynasty birthed the four great inventions such as printing, paper making, gunpowder and the compass which brought change in history.

With the bold futuristic architecture, W Hotel Xian will in spirit be a beacon of the present day renaissance of the Qujiang district - embracing inventiveness in design and offering true hospitality experience to all guests.

W Xian Sky Plaza

The Helipad turned Sky Plaza Entertainment Bar

The 360 view of picturesque Xian from the deck

View of the neon lit Qujiang Lake

The deck flanked by illuminated chevron grid wall

Event Space/ Entertainment Deck

The W Hotel as seen in contrast to the context of the city at twilight

The illuminated Entertainment Bar

Sky Plaza recessed Private Pods

The entry of the VVIP entry is conceived to be an experiential tunnel that takes hotel guests into the subterranean lobby and parking space that leads to the hotel various entertainment and restaurant areas.

W VVIP Entrance

VVIP Illuminated Parking Booths

The recessed entertainment areas are transformed into a wonder scape and hub of activities surrounding the Hotel's Health Club and Swimming pool areas.

Recessed Landscape Design

Weaving nature’s web into a rich foliage screen in the health club and swimming pool - offering pool users a sense of privacy.

Always a visual treat in the DNA and true tradition of W.

Swimming Pool Deck Areas

Swimming Pool and Health Club

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