The art of articulating space rich in culture and heritage

Led by duo Jack Liew and Lei Aye, Ensemble Studio’s design philosophy borders on reinventing spatial realms within its local content into cohesive visual poetry enhanced by light, form and spatial order.

The team’s winning projects include spaces transformed richly immersed in culture and heritage with evocative use of raw materials articulated as Villa Nine, Xian Rose Clubhouse and Qujiang International School.

The projects were awarded Best of Best for SIDA CONCEPT 2018, a prestigious international award by the Society of Interior Designers Singapore.

Recipient of the SIDS Best Concept Award

Villa Nine

The villa incorporates subtle local influences to foster a connection with nature. The pursuit of “contemporary orientalism” as reflected in such details as simple frames, subtle curves, and vertical heights. A monochromatic architectural palette is used with a stronger contrast scheme for the furnishings, wall and floor textures.

Symmetry and balance play a big part in the layouts and spatial composition. All rooms come with their individual retail-like wardrobe spaces, shoe, and bag display system. A full gym and sunken basketball court with an open view to the outdoor koi pond and family deck.

Villa Nine is designed as a tranquil home to a local family. The Chang’an Flower is an inspiration and symbol of one’s harmony with nature – alluding to how we tread lightly in our environment and to possess inner peace.

Porte Corchere

Exterior landscape

Master Bedroom

Walk-in Wardrobe

Master Bathroom


Xian Rose Clubhouse

The luxurious clubhouse will adopt principals of contemporary oriental design, abstracting the Spirit of the Chinese courtyard in the core of the building. As a calligrapher would contemplate every brushstroke, we interpret every level as a huge blank canvas, using movement, vigour and pattern as the design gesture throughout to transform this four-story clubhouse, complete with a wellness centre, swimming pool, restaurants, cinema, library and a subterranean car park into a top-of-the-line chic recreation park for the guests and residents.

Perched on the prominent edge of the Qujiang Nature Reserve, the Xian Rose Clubhouse is to be the meditative entrance portal of the luxurious Xian RoseGarden Villa development - ushering all arriving guests from the bustle of the city into the tranquil of this green oasis.

Clubhouse Exterior

Entertainment Lounge

Show Gallery

Sky Pool


Qujiang International School

The design of the school champions learning for students from junior, senior high and the International cohorts. The entire campus is shaped in a figure of 8 with two central courtyard breakout spaces to facilitate the main flux of students down from the classes to the basement levels where the cafeterias, supermarket, and recreational center are located.

Activity clusters where students learn through “engagement” with other groups or being “autonomous” in self-study. Circulation and pod spaces encourage informal interaction and group participation in the exchange of ideas. Each class adopts a flexible furniture system which can be converted into either linear or cluster learning.The Qujiang International School offers a new model of how modern education can evolve in the local community and the city of Xian.

School Exterior

School Gallery

Swimming Pool

Student Changing Room

School Library


ensemble studio is truly humbled for being the recipient of the Best of Best Concept Award! The studio’s perseverance in our passionate multi-disciplinary design works will not go unnoticed! We received a total of 7 awards for our project works on Villa 9, Rose Clubhouse and Qujiang International School - including 3 Luminary awards!

Best of Best Concept Award

The Singapore Interior Design Awards (SIDA) is hosted by the Society of Interior Designers Singapore, as the top international award for the interior design industry of Singapore.


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