Future of Education is NOW!

The International Dehong School in Qujiang opened their doors to the first batch of primary students earlier this month! What a joy to finally see our institutional design concept being brought to fruition through much collaboration with the educators and local authorities.

Being technically exacting is only one aspect of the project where the real challenge is about converting the mindset of stakeholders to invest in spatial design and facilities that will directly impact life-skill training for these young minds - to nurture creativity and social emotional learning.

The physicality of the school building is seen as the third teacher where the motivation is to encourage less teaching and more learning through play and communication within the community.

We envisioned clusters of autonomous pods amidst shared learning spaces where students have the ability to myob or mingle.

There is also a conscious effort to address ergonomics of lower and upper primary students where statistically we see rapid physical grown.

The Chinese education system is divided into three years of kindergarten, six years of primary school, and three to six years of secondary education, often followed by several years of higher education. Kindergartens and primary schools are usually run by local education authorities or even private enterprises like this one in Xi'an.

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