Summer Villa in Sanya

The concept design for the holiday villa by ensemble studio was evolved through the client's brief, calling for a redevelopment of the residential site to accommodate an additional storey, 3 guest houses, a gymnasium, indoor /outdoor entertainment areas and an illustrious landscaped pool deck. The architectural language was intended to be a "contemporary translation" of the tropical houses seen around the region of Hainan Island, the southern resort paradise of China.

The 1100-square-metre building is situated on the southeastern tip of Hainan island overlooking the ocean. Based on the elongated plot with sea facing elevation towards the south, we conjured three stacked blocks which formed the envelope and parallel flanks on both sides of the pool. Being on the central axis, the main living areas and bedrooms will enjoy uninhibited sight and natural ventilation.

The villa has therefore been constructed as a cluster of clear rectilinear volumes. Some of its external structural walls are punctuated with rectangular openings or intersect to form open-air walkways around the villa. Internally, the building has been simply divided into three levels. The top floor accommodates a single guest suite, from which a narrow channel of water runs out towards a private sunbathing area.

Varieties of wild grass, turfing greens and Chinese bamboo trees have been planted throughout the plot, along the parameter and the building's roof - helping it in part to blend in and in part to be buffered from the surrounding neighbourhood.

A stairwell illuminated by an overhead skylight leads to the ground floor.

It plays host to an open-plan communal area, decked out in natural tones and materials to evoke a "summery, comfortable sense that conforms to island life".

The dining room is centred by a long, timber table, while an oval, rattan pendant-lamp dangles directly above. A sand-coloured sectional sofa appears in the adjacent living room along with a wicker armchair and a couple of potted plants.

Large panels of glazing front the entire space. These can be slid back to grant access to the villa's main pool, which is surrounded by a number of cushioned daybeds and sun loungers. Close by lies an outdoor BBQ and dining area that is sheltered by the turfed covered roof.

Three bedrooms are also located at this level, each featuring headboards crafted from white ceramic blocks printed with geometric shapes. Bathrooms have been completed with natural stone basins and woven baskets that store extra linens.

View of villa's front entrance

South Elevation of villa

Side Elevations of villa

Longitudinal sections of villa

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