Gramercy Park - Design Process

Our team had the most important mission of designing the latest our space at Gramercy Park - The luxurious apartment at Grange next to Orchard Road.

The design of this luxury apartment was conceived as a gallery like entertainment space for friends and relatives of the owners. The spatial transformation can be simply stunning and sophisticated by focusing on 3 key elements and by framing the spaces. From the lift lobby into the entrance foyer, the tea area into the living/ dining areas and the private sanctuary of the master bedroom. Every area has its unique character with design denominators that function as a whole.

Keywords to anchor the experiential journey - the first draft to the client

The final layout plan

Symmetry & Appropriation

A sense of balance is to be achieved with a visually symmetric approach throughout the apartment, enhanced by the appropriate use of wall sculptures. The repetition of shapes and colors within creates rhythm, which is soothing to the eyes. The use of contrast to create emphasis, focal points at the foyer and within the apartment that draw people's attention. Incorporating all the design principles results in unity, a sense of visual and spatial harmony throughout the spaces.

The tea counter as the focal point of the living room

The entrance elevation with

Moving Poetry and Pattern adorning the entrance foyer

The Master Bedroom

The Master Bathroom

Curvatures as a prevalent design element and applied to all cornering and furniture selections.

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