the nautical explorer

The design concept flowed from the story of a nautical explorer who having traversed half the world, finally found his home in Sanya - trudging with him enigmatic finds and well-worn memories of his travels. Based upon his exploratory escapades, the resort is to be the contemporary experiential abode for his odysseys and a treasure trove of his accumulated oceanic wonders.

From above, this massive scaled project is a meandering S-shaped layout plan with guest rooms and public areas aligned to the sea facing elevation. The manner of the stacking allowed for maximum orientation towards the

comprised of 285 guest rooms, most of which is orientated to a full ocean view. The depicted by 2 distinct storylines with Nautical architecture inspired by marine and sea going vessels; and with Natural sea life and their forms. The patterns - of corals, curiosities and colours - of fishes, fossils and flights -

We sought to recreate the nautical explorer’s spatial memories and to bring stories of his journeys alive in different ways visually.

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