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Rose Clubhouse, Xian

玫瑰公馆, 西安

Nestled within the heart of Xian's bustling city center, the Rose Clubhouse, a five-story marvel, graces the landscape. It occupies the most coveted piece of freehold land in the city, with its construction culminating in early 2020. This marks the latest addition to Vanzhong's ambitious plans for this opulent residential site, with interior design masterfully crafted by Ensemble Studio.

The Rose Clubhouse has been meticulously designed to cater to a discerning new generation of homeowners who seek nothing less than an international-standard premium lifestyle. Within its luxurious confines, residents will find a plethora of amenities dedicated to both well-being and leisure.

The fitness center, adorned with exquisite Italian marble, features hot and cold-water springs, soothing rain rooms, a Swedish-style sauna, rejuvenating steam rooms, and private massage chambers. A 30 by seven-meter glass-clad ozone swimming pool beckons those looking to take a refreshing dip.

Entertainment options abound within this lavish space. A 25-seat private theater promises cinematic delights, while a barbecue terrace offers a perfect setting for outdoor gatherings. For those who appreciate culinary excellence, a private kitchen and dining area are at their disposal.

The Rose Clubhouse doesn't stop at just physical well-being; it offers a holistic experience. A rooftop terrace, known as the Rose Sky Tea Lounge, provides a serene escape, while a club lounge complete with a conference room caters to residents' business and social needs. The facility also houses a fitting and grooming atelier, a kid's recreation club, and a private storage facility.

In the words of Vanzhong's CEO, "This unique facility is a place for relaxation, entertainment, physical activity, and culinary pleasure." It elevates the standard of common facilities in residential developments to an unprecedented level, solidifying Vanzhong's luxury residential project as one of the most exceptional and internationally acclaimed residences in Xian, China.

rose clubhouse main reception lounge



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rose clubhouse tea room
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rose clubhouse swimming pool
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