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Customising your home to fit your lifestyle. Creating individualised living spaces that combine the best of aesthetics and functionality.

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We provide specialized design expertise and solutions to clients, helping them achieve their design-related objectives.

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Design Documentation

We deliver full service design documentation package that is essential for clear communication,

project management, and ensuring design

vision is realised accurately.

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We oversee and manage the various aspects of a project to ensure that it stays on track, adheres to the design plan, meets quality standards, and is completed successfully.

Our team of seasoned professionals is here to transform your vision into reality. Discover how our expert interior design services can enhance your living and hospitality experiences. 

you want to cut through the clutter and get started on your project

you want an elevated home with a style reflecting your personality

you are struggling to find an interior design firm that suits your lifestyle and requirements

you want a mediator between vendors, carpenters, contractors and installation teams

you are searching for a design team that values quality and workmanship

you want a supportive team that is able to deliver on your design preferences

We believe you deserve the space of your dreams, a space to work and play, a space to rest and reflect. Your space.



Experience the Ensemble.

From concept ideation, production of drawings for tender and attending site meetings to ensure contracting works are accurately delivered, get our design and the muscle of a well-connected architectural ecosystem that cuts through complex administration and communication.

They trust us

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Ensemble Studio is a multidisciplinary design studio based in Singapore.

We develop tailored spatial designs and hospitality solutions for our clients worldwide. Beyond that, our philosophy lies in the belief that good design is a delicate balance of art and science. DIY interior design is both frustrating and unproductive.

Let us handle the language when it comes to architects, contractors and building owners while you focus on your life.

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Tailoring your home to suit your lifestyle involves crafting unique living spaces that seamlessly merge both form and function.


As a multidisciplinary design practice, we commonly work under a number of arrangements

Conceptual Design

Through a process of consultations with you, architects operators and other consultants, we assist with developing an overall program scope in line with interior design requirements. We review architectural space planning to determine its compatibility with agreed-upon requirements, preparing for presentations of conceptual furniture, fixture and equipment plans (FF&E), concept images, loose colour and material selections, catalogue files and photographs of furnishing.

Design Development

Upon approval of the conceptual design, we prepare design development drawings, such as presenting final plans, colour renderings, elevations, and colour boards n order to convey the interior design for approval.


Upon approval of the design development described above, we prepare all interior design drawings and documentation to specify the finish requirements. We arrange a schedule and corresponding notebook of all colour finishes as well as preparing material specifications of speciality items and finishes. We choose and/or design all carpeting, fabrics, furnishing and fixtures.

Construction and Installation

We conduct periodic visits to the project site in order to determine if work is being performed according to Interior Design Documentations. We provide appraisals as to the progress and quality of work observed during these visits. We review the final placement of furnishings and the finishes for all public areas within the interior design services scope so as to assess that furniture, fixture and equipment are installed in accordance with contract documents.

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