e n s e m b l e  s t u d i o

ensemble studio is an award-winning Multidisciplinary Design Studio based in Singapore, developing tailored hospitality solutions, creative spatial design along with furnishings and installations that heighten issues of function, realism, and culture.

Founded by Partners Jack Liew and Lei Aye Liew, the studio uses research as the primary tool to formulate a unique design process for their interior design projects and product developments.


ensemble studio strives for designs with poetic nuances, yet being relevant to their local context.

Like a piece of art, our work uses raw material charm and subtle exclamations through forms and light to express our spatial oeuvres.


Possessing a high level of ambition, our work is also complemented by our drive to experiment and constantly challenge accepted norms, yet within the framework of a consistent architectural language to express design materiality in a streamlined and honest way.