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St Regis, Xian

吉斯酒店, 西安

The St. Regis hotel brand boasts a rich and illustrious history, with its origins dating back to 1904 when it was launched by the prominent New York tycoon, John Jacob Astor IV. Astor, the son of Mrs. Astor, originally established the hotel as a sister property to the Waldorf Astoria, a hotel he partially owned. To ensure that guests received nothing but the finest service, he famously brought his own household staff to work at the St. Regis.

The original St. Regis was renowned for its time-honored traditions, much like the Astor family themselves, and these traditions continue to be both honored and updated to this day. While the 1904 version may not have included modern amenities such as in-room check-in and butler services available via WeChat, the commitment to round-the-clock service remains unaltered.

Certain traditions have endured virtually unchanged. For instance, every day at 5:30, a champagne bottle is ceremoniously sabred to mark the beginning of 'violet hour' in The Drawing Room, accompanied by a delightful gin-and-tonic trolley. Others have been adapted to local tastes: afternoon tea is now served from trolleys reminiscent of dim sum carts, allowing guests to indulge their sweet or savory cravings without being constrained by a limited selection.

Throughout the hotel, grand and cozy spaces harmoniously coexist, enhancing the overall experience. The journey begins in grandeur, with a vast porte cochère leading to a generously proportioned ground-floor anteroom. Upstairs, the choreography of design continues with an intimate lift lobby characterized by its lacquered ceiling, geometric bronze accents, and striking monolithic vase.

The sense of intimacy gives way to grandeur upon entering The Great Room, boasting soaring 10-meter-high ceilings and full-height windows that flood the space with abundant natural light. This design exudes a New York Deco-style verticality that defines the hotel's ambiance. On this level, The Drawing Room offers an inviting open space for casual dining, afternoon tea, and the daily violet hour.

The guest rooms on the upper floors seamlessly carry forward the thematic elements. Intricate framing, often in bronze, and thoughtful layering create visual interest from every angle. A muted color palette is enriched with subtle touches of silvers and whites, while fluted glass textures, reminiscent of french shutters, harmonises with the plush furnishings. Wood and stone play prominent roles, and the entire design is elevated by Ensemble Studio's decorative touches, leaving no detail too small to escape their keen eye for shape, proportion, color, materiality, and sheer fascination.

Notably, it's not just attention to detail but a palpable dedication to it that plays a pivotal role in transforming space into a captivating and immersive experience for every guest.

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